“Lucky” the Kitten Rescued from a Car Engine is Adopted

Car engine cat

Last month a kitten appropriately named “Lucky” was rescued from a car engine.  This very lucky feline had somehow found himself under the hood of a car.  An Illinois woman had taken her car in for maintenance check and to have the oil changed.  When the mechanic opened the hood, a very scared and injured kitten jumped out. Luckily the mechanic was able to catch the little kitten and take him to a local animal hospital.  But upon arriving at the clinic, the kitten seemed to only have one minor injury; a bloody nose.  After a quick check up by a Vet, the kitten was then transferred to the Metro East Humane Society.

But this cat seemed too be lucky once again, because he has now been adopted!  While some kittens stay in the shelter for many months and even longer, this feline got a permanent home rather quickly.  This is partly because of the media coverage that this story received and partly because he is such a cute kitten. This cat sure was very happy to find a new home and now he won’t have to crawl under a car hood to get warm. Thanks the all the people that were involved with his rescue, this cat now has a place to call home.  I am sure that this feline will love his new home and his new pet mom, who is very happy to have a new member of the family.  This kitten has come a long way from being a stray, to now being a local celebrity.  I am very happy how this story turned out and all of the people involved are too.

But many cats are not as fortunate and many end up being severely injured and even killed while trying to stay warm.  So if you live in an area that is home to stray cats, please make sure to check under the hood before starting the car.  You just might be the next person to save a life.  Remember when it’s cold outside, cats that have no homes will try to get warm any way they can.

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