A “MacGyver” Type Rescue with a Pole Pipe Saves Cat


To be a very tiny creature such as a young little¬†kitten, it must be quite frightening and intimidating to walk around with everyone being so much bigger than you as well as everything around being gigantic. One kitten from Riverside, California got the fright of its life after falling into the opening of a metal pole. The 3-month-old domestic short-haired black and white feline had fallen from a wood beam covering a Dumpster enclosure at the campus of a Riverside trade school and landed into a square metal pole. The pole extended about six feet in the ground, but, including its length going into the ground, it was actually more like 10 feet in depth. Needless to say, the Riverside County Animal Services officers had their work cut out for them in the challenging predicament. They ended up teaming and using “MacGyver” type skills to execute the kitten’s rescue.

It all started when a security guard called the local Animal Services after several folks had reported hearing continuous and strange meowing throughout the day. They responded quickly to the call and ended up going over to the scene. However, upon realizing that where the cat was trapped was over 10 feet and the officers’ control sticks (along with the loop at the end) were only 6 feet long. They ended up strapping two of the sticks together to make a makeshift, extended control stick. Their efforts were successful and the stick worked, as the kitten was able to be looped and pulled up from the bottom of where it was trapped. It’s believed that the kitten had fallen straight into the hole of the pole pipe, as a security guard admits he saw the feline on top of the wood beams earlier that day.

The kitten seems to be healthy and is relatively friendly for the most part. The rescued cat will be kept at the Western Riverside County/City Animal Shelter located in the Jurupa Valley until someone comes to claim it. If no one tries to claim the feline, it will then be up for adoption.

Watch footage of the rescue in the video clip below:

(Photo Source: Riverside County Animal Services)

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