Maggie Mae is Another Successful Petco Adoption Story

Maggie Mae

Just the other day we received another fine story from one of our Facebook fans who simply could not resist what she saw when she made a Petco visit.  As Lynne Paul recounts:  “Normally, I do not buy cat food at Petco, but I was looking for something special that day so I stopped in our local store. I could not resist looking at the cats that were up for adoption. I did not plan to adopt a kitten that day but when I saw Maggie Mae, I knew that I was not leaving the store without her. I am so glad I stopped at Petco that day!”

Lynne, we’re so glad you stopped in Petco too.  We’re pretty sure if we saw a kitty as adorable as Maggie Mae that we’d make the stop and adopt as well.   We hope that Maggie Mae is thriving in your house hold.  And let this be a reminder to anyone who is thinking of buying or adopting a cat.  Sometimes you don’t need to go further than your local pet store in order to give care to a cat or any other animal that needs it.  And when they’re as cute as Maggie Mae, how in the world can you resist?

It’s impossible!  Thanks to Lynne for sharing this story with us.  We hope you’ll submit your own cat rescue story to our Facebook Page!

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