A Mamma Cat Nurses an Orphan Pitbull

Pitbull Puppy

When a baby animal is found abandoned, we often get very alarmed about the situation and for good reason.  Without its mothers milk these tiny little animals simply can’t survive.  This was the case when it came to the tiny little black and white pitbull puppy that was found alone. At only one day old this puppy’s chances of survival were very slim.

Luckily, he was brought into an animal protection group were the staff simply feel in love with him.  They each vowed that they would do everything they could to help this little guy survive and beat the odds that was stacked against him.  One smart thinking staff member decided that they would try to get the puppy to nurse from a mother cat that had recently given birth to kittens.

While this was going to be a long shot the cat seemed to take to the puppy right away.  She came up to the tiny little dog and smelled him.  After a few minutes the staff was able to convince the feline to allow the starving puppy to nurse.  The staffs were simply amazed at the kindness this mother bestowed onto this helpless baby.

Now the little pitbull is doing well and growing bigger by the day.  The staff now are able to give him milk from a bottle but he still nurses from the cat.  In fact, he has to be feed up to 7 times a day now and they are carefully giving him the attention he needs.  He is now about the size of the kitten that he shares a mother with but soon he will surely out grow them all.  I wonder if he will remember the kindness that this animal showed him?  I am sure he will always hold a special place in his heart for all of his feline friends.

This heartwarming story is simply amazing and we humans could defiantly learn something from this cat.  She was willing to sacrifice her milk in order to save the life of an animal that wasn’t even hers.  I for one am glad this story had a happy ending!

Image via dzikusiak at Flickr.com

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