Man is Jailed for Shooting Marble at a Cat

Misty the cat

In all honesty it amazes me that I am part of the same species as someone who would even considering harming a defenseless cat but unfortunately this is the world we live in. Thank God this guy is behind bars. His name is Craig Nunn and whatever days he’s in jail should have been quintupled.

For whatever reason, Nunn was riding his mountain bike and decided to stop to launch a glass marble at a cat that was sitting against a wall. The cat, Misty, had to have surgery to remove an eye as a result of the shooting. Nunn, 28, was jailed for eight weeks at Kidderminster magistrates court after admitting causing unnecessary suffering to an animal contrary to the Animal Welfare Act.

The incident itself was captured on film. Misty was knocked off the wall she was leaning against and suffered a fractured skill. Misty’s owner said she was disgusted by Nunn’s actions. Police Chief Marc Ginder, of West Mercia police, said Nunn was unable to offer any excuse as to why he had carried out the “wanton act of cruelty”.

“I haven’t seen anything as mindless as this,” he said. “When we spoke to him he agreed his actions were stupid but he didn’t really have an excuse for it.”

Nunn, of Stourport, UK was banned from having cats for 10 years. 10 years? How about a lifetime ban? How could you possibly let this guy ever consider having a cat in his life after this?

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