Man Makes a Time Lapse Video of Cats but You Won’t Believe The Results

Cats in the sun

We all know that cats love to sunbath.  Any chance they get they lay in a sunny spot.  The warmth of the sunlight seems to help them sleep and keep them happy.  One man decided to catch his cats on film, basking in the sun.  But he didn’t just set up an ordinary camera, he instead used a time lapse camera and the results were amazing. This video will reveal something really special about these cats and you have to see it to believe it.

As you will see in the video located below this article, the cats seem to follow the rise and fall of the sun.  During this full day of video tapping, the pet felines seem to move each time the sun does.  They waste the day basking in the sun, just like most cats love to do.  But now that it has been caught on camera, it looks even more amazing.

At one point in the video you will see the cats all sitting side by side, trying to soak up the sunlight.  It’s almost as if these cats where using the sun light for energy.  Maybe there is something in the sunlight that cats need that we humans know nothing about.  But whatever it is that makes cats love the sun, this video showcases it.

I truly loved the video and if you are a cat lover then you will too.  It’s amazing watching these cats while no human is around.  I wonder if these kitties do this routine each and every day.  I wonder what they do when it is cloudy out and there is no sunlight.  I would like to see that caught on time lapse as well. I can imagine that when the sun is not out, that the cats probably all huddle together in order to stay warm.

So check out the video and watch this amazing art like performance.  If there was music behind it that would be really funny, but it still fun to watch just the way it is.  So make sure to hit play before you go.

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