Man Quits Job and Sells Belongings to Travel With His Cat

man and cat

Richard East was just sick and tired of the daily grind of living his life working a corporate job. He’d done it for ten years and he wasn’t happy. He was making wonderful money and could live the life he thought he wanted, but it turned out that was not the life he wanted. He did not want to wear a suit and tie, get up every day and go work for someone else. He wanted to live his life on his own terms. He wanted to do this his own way and make his life work for him the way he thought it should. So, he quit his corporate job with big bucks, sold his house and all his belongings and he bought an old van. He put everything he might need to survive in the van and now that’s where he lives. He has a bed, running water and everything else he needs for his day-to-day life right in the van, including his black rescue cat.

He actually took Willow from an old girlfriend who had adopted the cat. She could no longer care for him and he decided he would adopt the cat himself and care for her on his own. It is Richard’s feelings that a cat should have a forever home, and he’s providing that. It’s been a year now, and these two just drive around all day long looking for new adventures, new places to go and new experiences. It might not be the life everyone wants to live, but it’s a good life.

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