Man Reunited With Cat Lil Homey After 10 Years

missing cat

When Gerald Thompson received a phone call from a local vet recently informing him that they’d found his missing cat, he was confused. He did not have a missing cat. In fact, he was home at the time and he could see all four of his cats in his house. He had no idea what the call was, perhaps a wrong number or something to that effect. When the caller insisted that the cat’s tattoo ID listed his name and his family as the owners of the cat, it took him a few moments to piece together the entire story. It was not until they told him that the cat was around 15-years-old and then described him that he finally knew the cat. It was Lil Homey, the cat that he and his sister had at their grandmother’s house when they were much younger.

Due to circumstances beyond their control, they were forced to rehome the cat more than 10 years ago. They chose a loving family with a big farm and the cat had the freedom to run and play and enjoy all the good things that a life like that had to offer. They don’t know what happened to the cat in the past 10 years, or why he might be missing. However, now that his life has changed and he’s able to have cats again, Gerald made the decision to go get the cat and bring him home again. And now they are going to live happily ever after with five cats instead of four.

Photo by Alta News

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