Man Risks His Life to Save Cats From a Fire


It was a frantic scene in Phoenix, AZ on Tuesday. Crowds and family waited outside a burning home where they initially thought the homeowner had died while rushing into the burning building to save his cats. However, minutes later the crowd was elated as they saw the man unscathed and having saved both cats. After the man’s daughters were safely outside he rushed back into the home to locate the cats.

He shooed the first cat outside and then went back into the house to find the other. Firefighters went inside after the man to try and find him but were forced back outside after part of the roof collapsed. Almost an hour had passed since the man went back inside. Turns out the man had escaped through the back door and returned unharmed with a cat in his arm.

“I thought I lost him, I thought I lost my dad,” said Jinea Marple, the homeowner’s daughter. “I was happy. We thought he was dead!” a neighbor said. “He’s alive. That’s awesome!” The cat that was shooed out the front door was perfectly fine. The second cat suffered smoke inhalation and burns but is expected to recover. That cat was treated with a pet oxygen mask by firefighters at the scene.

Firefighters say it was the strangest happy ending they’ve seen, and cautioned the public that they advise people not to enter burning buildings, both for their own safety and the safety of fire crews who come to their aid.

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