Man Stops Three Lanes of Rush Hour Traffic to Save Injured Kitten

injured kitten

We all like to think that the people in the world are good, but some people make it so difficult for us to remember this simple piece of advice. When one man was driving home one day, he was on a four lane highway when he noticed that all the cars in front of him seemed to be slamming on their brakes and slowing down while swerving all over the road. When the car in front of him did it, he noticed that there was a tiny kitten running across the road bleeding. He immediately stopped his car in the middle of rush hour traffic, stopping traffic as he did, and he ran across three lanes of traffic to get the kitten. He was furious. The kitten was only five or six weeks old according to the vet the good person took him to, and fortunately his injuries were not too bad. His tail was hit and it was stripped of fur, leaving it exposed. It remains to be seen whether or not the kitten will need it amputated, but so far he is good to go.

Now he’s living a happy life with his new owner, and the man who rescued him. His new owner is still horrified that people actually went past this kitten and that no one else stopped to save its life as it was running terrified and injured across traffic. Those people don’t seem very nice, but this guy makes it remember that there are good people in the world.

Photo by Reddit  

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