Man Turns his Apartment into a Cat Utopia

Cat paradise

If all cats would be given a chance to choose the home they want to live in, I am pretty sure many cats will choose one California house in particular.  The house’s owner is Architect Peter Cohen who happened to also have 15 rescue cats.  Cohen sure used his profession to design and make the perfect cat haven for his beloved felines inside his home.  In the video below you will see Cohen’s amazing cat utopia.

Cohen explains how some parts of the house slowly transformed into an indoor playground for cats.  It all started when they bought the house and it came with two feral cats.  One of the two got run over and died and they decided to make the remaining kitty an indoor cat.  Then they adopted felines from the shelter so the other cat will have company.  As the number of their adopted cats went up Cohen decided to make a playground for the cats.

As you will see in the video, the felines have fabulous cat walks and tunnels, perches and platforms custom built just for them.  The felines also enjoy watching the fishes at the Koi pond.  While some cats will try to eat fish when they see it, Cohen’s kitties don’t bother them.  Instead they just sit or walk around the pond while watching the water creatures.  Every once in a while the cats dip their paws into the water and that stops there.

Even though there are 15 felines living in the house, the place is free of cat hair and litter box smell.  It’s because they keep the litter boxes in the closet and each boxes are connected to a fan that takes the smelly air out of the house through a ventilation system.  The floors stay clean because two robotic vacuums are run every day which picks up pet hair really good.

This beautiful cat utopia cost Cohen quite a bit of money to build but he didn’t mind because he loves his cats, and he wants the best for them.  On the other hand, the felines love the fact that they get to enjoy a cat haven that every cat dreams of.

Before you click away from this page, don’ forget to watch the wonderful cat utopia clip.  I’m sure you too will be surprise at its beauty.

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