Man Walking Cats is the Best Thing We’ve Seen All Day

walking cat

Since becoming a mother, there is no greater lesson I have learned than to simply live and let live. I mean that. I have four small kids, including 2-year-old twins, and I know that there is nothing more important than not judging others for their personal choices or their parenting choices. I know that what works for me might not work for you, and what works for you is something that I’ve probably tried and it does not work for me and my family. And that’s all right; I love that we can all do our own thing. I might not, for example, walk my cat on a daily basis. That’s a lie, really; I have never taken my cat on a walk. I’ve had several cats throughout my life, and I have never taken any of them on a walk. I’ve also never blessed my cats.

The man in this video, though, does both. He takes his group of cats on a long walk every single day. He does not put them on a leash. He simply allows them to walk in a single-file line alongside himself and his own wonderful mannerisms, and they just follow suit. These cats have some obvious respect for this man, and we don’t blame them. They are good cats, and they seem to have good lives. While they walk, the man blesses each of the cats. We hope that they understand that this is an amazing thing, and we really do think this man is cool.   

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