This Man’s Dog Died Of Cancer And His Cat’s Reaction Is Heartbreaking

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Dogs and cats usually don’t get along good. Most of the times when a dog and a cat live in the same household, the two would like compete for their pet parents love and attention. But then there are cats and dogs that gets along good. In fact, some of them became best of friends through the years that they have been together. And that’s what the next story is all about. But the story doesn’t have a good ending but it will sure warm your heart and probably make you shed some tears.

A man who already has a dog decided to take in a new family member, a cat. The cat was only 5 weeks old when he took it home. According to the man, the young feline couldn’t get comfy and sleep unless she’s curled up next to his dog. As the kitten grow up, she became very close with the canine and eventually became best of friends. The pair eat their meals together and do most things together. The big brown dog and the cute cat seems to not get tired of each other, that’s how close they are. The pooch was also very gentle to the cat and let the feline do whatever the she wants to do including smelling his ears. But one day the dog fell ill and was diagnosed with cancer. Later on, the dog died and the cat’s reaction is heartbreaking.

sad cat

Now that the feline lost her best buddy and playmate, she feels so lonely. According to her pet dad, the cat has been very sad. In order to help ease the pain of the grieving cat, the man let the cat watch videos of the dog. He puts his IPad on the pup’s bed and plays videos of his late dog for the feline to watch. As the cat watches the video, she curls up next to the IPad as if she’s curling up next to the dog. Both the man and the cat miss the dog so much. Once again animals have proved to us that they are sentient beings. The feline is definitely grieving the loss of her dear pal, playmate and companion. We hope that she will be able to find comfort in her pet dad and maybe getting a new dog will help them cope with their loss.

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