Marius and Olivia: A Heartbreaking Love Story


In early 2002, after Jennifer Krage had recently moved to a suburb of Seattle, she decided it was time to get herself a cat. Searching through PetFinder, she looked at cat after cat. And then she saw a picture of two cats. One was larger than the other, both gray and white tuxedo, the smaller one was a lighter gray and had slightly crossed eyes – she fell in love instantly. Jennifer contacted the rescue group in Olympia immediately, which is about an hour away. She asked if they could bring the cats up as soon as possible, and they did.

Olivia (the small one) and Marius had been born together in an apartment complex and were about a year and a half old at the time Jennifer had adopted them. Olivia always looked after Marius even though he was the larger of the two and mothered him. Four years later, after Jennifer and the cats moved to Dallas, they discovered that Marius was diabetic. He was so good about receiving his twice daily shots and knew they made him feel better. He was Jennifer’s baby, her cuddle bug, heart and soul. He lived for seven years with diabetes, finally succumbing to kidney failure on April 4, 2014.

The night that she had to put him to sleep in her arms, Jennifer and her husband came home to find that Olivia wasn’t able to walk with her hind legs. The couple took her back in to the same ER clinic they had just left to discover she had a brain tumor. She’d apparently had a seizure, pinching nerves in her back making her unable to use her hind legs. Jennifer had to, for a second time that night, let go of her baby. She was the sweetest little girl, whose crossed eyes only made her even more endearing. Marius and Olivia¬†were born together, lived their entire lives together and died together on the very same night. There isn’t a day that goes by Jennifer doesn’t think about her beloved babies.

Photo Source: Jennifer Krage via The Animal Rescue Site

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