Massachusetts Shelter Saves Anna the Tabby Cat from Near Death

Homeless Cat

Last Thursday morning, a good Samaritan opened their door only to find a downtrodden tabby cat so cold, she collapsed and was near death upon arriving at the stranger’s doorstep. The stranger took the cat, named Anna, to a local shelter where their caring vet staff took all day warming up the nearly dead feline. Whatever they did worked on the cat, and by the end of the day Anna was full of life, as only a kitten could be!

The shelter she was brought to, the MSPCA’s Methuen Adoption Center at Nevins Farm, announced Anna’s story on their Facebook along with a video of the lucky kitty.

They wrote: “We have the most adorable tenant in our surgical suite right now! This adorable tabby walked up to the front door of a good Samaritan’s office on Thursday morning and collapsed. Anna was so cold when she arrived at Nevins Farm that she didn’t even register a temperature and had a dangerously low heart rate; she was close to death.”

MSPCA’s Methuen Adoption Center at Nevins Farm, located at the New Hampshire/Massachusetts border, continued with, “Our veterinary staff set to work warming and supporting her, and as she warmed and began to turn a corner she began to knead her paws. By the end of the day, she was up and about, eating, asking for attention and making lots of chirps and trills!

In closing, they finished with,“We are so glad that we could help Miss Anna.”

We are too!

Photo via Facebook

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