Matilda The Alien Cat Is the Latest Instagram Star

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There are some super famous cats out their today, thanks to social media.  We all know about Grumpy Cat and a few other felines, but now there is another cat becoming well known on Instagram.  Matilda the Alien cat is an odd looking animal that some say resembles something from outer space.  When you first see pictures of Matilda, you have to do a double take.  Her eyes are so big that they look as if they are about to pop out.  Many, who have seen this cat, think that the photos have been altered in some way, but there is no Photoshop going on here.

It seems that this strange, but this really cute feline is suffering from a rare condition that is causing her eyes to look this way.  Her owner has said this about her condition “The lenses in her eyes spontaneously detached, and since then her eyes have grown and she has lost most of her sight. She has seen several vets, including a veterinary eye specialist, but the disorder has no name and hasn’t been observed in any other cats as far as they know.”  This is a very odd condition that no other feline on earth seems to have.

Sadly Matilda does have some eye sight loss and no one really knows if the she will go totally blind one day.  Vets really don’t know what to think of her condition and can do little to control it. When Matilda was a kitten, her eyes looked completely normal.  But as time went by her eyes slowly started to change into the way they look now.  It first started with only one eye, but then moved to both.  This strange transformation looked like something out of a Si-Fi movie. As you can see in the photos, this cat is truly unique and has gotten tons of attention online.  Hopefully she will retain some of her eye sight and live a long and happy life.  She is a very loving cat and her owner is very happy to have her as a pet.

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