Mayhem the Cat Returns to Former Owner’s New Home 6 Miles Away


Mayhem the cat lived up to his name after giving his former owner, Jill Roberson, the shock of her life. The North Carolina woman thought she was giving the feline a better place to live when she had to a new home on a busy street. Last month, Roberson found a couple who lived in a nearby farm in the next county, Rutherford County, who was willing to adopt the 18-month-old cat. A new home on a new farm for a cat? It sounded like the perfect match – to everyone but Mayhem apparently!

“We had been here for about three weeks and I was sitting out on the porch and heard a cat meowing,” says Roberson. “I walked over to the fence and called to him because I couldn’t see anything, and he come bounding under the fence and I have been in shock ever since.”

Lo and behold, it was Mayhem – a skinny and dirtier version. The cat had returned to his former owner’s new home! Shocked, Rutherford immediately went on Facebook to message the new owners, who live about six miles away from her.

“I said, ‘do you think it is possible for him to come that far? And she replied, ‘it has been a few days since he was spotted,’” Roberson explained.

It isn’t just the fact that Mayhem traveled many miles away from his new home – it’s where he went. The thing is, the feline had not ever even been to Roberson’s new place!

“It just confirms that pets have feelings. We loved him, but we didn’t realize he loved us that much, that he would track us down.”

Kimberly Lednum, a veterinarian who works at Rutherford Veterinary Hospital, says that cats are survivalists — they have acute vision, a good sense of smell and they can move. That said, even she can’t explain how Mayhem was able to find Roberson.

As for Roberson, she still can’t believe how it came to be and can’t deny that the cat is indeed Mayhem, thanks to the quirks she’s seen over the past two years that makes Mayhem… well, Mayhem.

She says, “It is just a miracle to me.”

Image via CBS News


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