Mechanic Finds a Cat in Truck Engine after Driver Reports Burning Smell

Trapped Cat

When it comes to cat’s lives, many consider these animals lucky for having not just one life but nine.  The feline in our next story is very lucky to successfully use one of his 9 lives in order to escaped death, after being stuck in a car’s engine.

Wolfgang Werner, a 38-year-old mechanic, was working on a car that was left for a check-up in a German Automobile Club car park in Munich, Germany. He noticed that the vehicle was making a screeching sound and was also belching up smoke.  According to him, he drove the car inside the car park and when he got out he smelled something burning and he also heard a weird screeching sound.  So he decided to check the car and was surprised to discover a cat trapped in the car’s motor.

“I had to dismantle part of the engine to get the cat out, and it was handed over to a vet that had been called to take care of it”, says Wolfgang.

The poor kitty sustained some injuries from the terrifying incident including a damaged leg and a part of his fussy hair was torn off due to the engine’s moving parts.  The cat was reported to be recovering well from its injuries, the Munich Rescue Association stated.

Pet lovers are also warned that when the weather gets cold it’s common for animals to take shelter in the engine section of a vehicle.

The cat in this story is very lucky to survive the scary and deadly incident.  I bet the poor thing didn’t realize that hiding in the car’s engine could end his life; all he was thinking was to keep himself warm.  I think the feline is a stray and was looking for a warm place to stay.

Winter months are hard for us humans but at least we know how to keep ourselves warm safely.  While animals especially the stay ones have nowhere to go.  Stray animals are lucky if they get rescued before the harsh cold winter gets them.  One way we can help save these animals is to contact the animal control in our area whenever we see them roaming around the streets.

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