Meet the 25-Pound Cat Who Is Helping Other Cats Get Adopted


Andre the Giant cat is a 25 pound feline that dominates a local pet supply shop.  The cat rules the roost around the shop and commands the most attention. This kitty gets plenty of attention from everyone who comes into the shop and even the people who work there.  But recently this cat is getting attention for a different reason.  It seems that Andre is attracting people into the shop but when they leave they take more than just some kitty treats.  Below the shop is an animal rescue group that houses cats until they are adopted.  When people come into the shop often to see Andre they also go down stairs and check out the other felines and often leaves with one.  But that’s not the only way this large cat is attracting attention.

Andre was also once up for adoption by the same rescue group after he was rescued as a stray.  His picture was placed online and tons of people started to become interested in the cat.  But the pet supply store owner was first to show up and adopted the cat.  After she took the cat in she was also contacted by people still interested in the cat.  Someone even called and offered the new owner 5000 dollars for the cat.  But the cat is not for sale and the owner wants to keep the feline forever.

Now Andre is a bit of an internet celebrity and he is still being used as the mascot for the shelter.  This has drawn a ton of attention to the group and donations have started pouring in.  People have also started to adopt other cats and kittens that the group houses.  Before Andre was made mascot of the shelter they had not had an adoption in over 3 months.  But when Andre came on the scene 5 cats were adopted out in just one month which was great news!  Hopefully, adoptions will keep going strong and all of the cats and kittens at the shelter will soon find homes.  For more information on Andre and how you can help, please check out the video located below.

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