Meet the Cat Who Has Lived in a Supermarket for Four Years


Most stray cats live in the streets and abandon buildings. The cat in the next story is not stray at all but he has lived in a supermarket for four years. The unusual living situation of the feline became a headline both in the local and international news.

Mango,the cat in the UK gained its popularity when he set up a home in Tesco, a big supermarket chain in United Kingdom. In fact, the feline got its own Facebook page. Four years ago, Mango set up his home in the store’s foyer. Since then he became the store’s celebrity and customers adore him.

One of the many fans of Mango’s, Maureen Saunders said: “He’s a dear little thing”.

This adorable tabby cat loves to curl up in a mat and can be seen sleeping at the entrance of supermarket store in Tiverton, Devon, UK.

A very well-loved feline, one of the supermarket’s patrons created a social media page just for him. The unknown customer wants the fans of Mango to share and express their love for the cat. In fact, the nameless creator of Mango’s page wrote: “Our children love this cat so much that my husband suggested we make a page for him. What a good idea. So here it is. To put a smile on people’s faces. Thank you for your support for this lovely moggy.”

Mango used to stroll inside the store regularly but nowadays he prefers to stray just by the entrance. This cute moggy must have disliked something inside the store that caused him to not go inside anymore.

Even though the feline is seen almost all day at the store, his owner lives just a few blocks away. Mango also has his own place but I reckon he loves to see and mingle with a lot of people.  I am sure he loves his owner too. I think this kitty just happened to find the supermarket a fun place to be.

Mango’s presence at the store sure gets him a lot of attention especially for parents who go shopping with their kids.  A cute feline like him is very easy to notice.

Image via Telegraph

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