Meet George The Orange Tabby Cat Who Made An Amazing Journey Across Portland


We all have heard those wild stories about a cat walking for miles on end to be reunited with the family that accidentally left them behind.  But one feline named George who lives in Portland, Oregon did just the opposite.  George, an Orange Tabby Cat moved with his family from one side of the Portland metro area to another.  But this homesick feline didn’t seem to like his new surrounding one bit.  In fact, this spunky little kitty took it upon himself to return to the home he had grown to love over the years.

After escaping from his new home; likely through the garage while his family was busy unpacking, George started his amazing journey.  The only thing stopping George from going back to his old apartment was three interstate highways and likely a pack of hungry coyotes.  While we will never know what George encountered on his 12 mile journey, it’s safe to say that he was very lucky.

On the night of George’s great escape, his owner Amy Campion went looking for him. After walking around their new neighborhood and asking everyone in the area if they had seen George, she returned home very saddened.  Heartbroken that her Orange Tabby Cat was missing, she quickly remembered that he had been micro-chipped.  But after calling every shelter in the area George was nowhere to be found.

After talking with her friends, they suggested that Amy leave word with some of the people in her old neighbors and with her former landlord that George was on the lam.  This decision would soon prove invaluable in the return of her beloved George.  After a few days of being missing George, suddenly appeared at the place he had loved the most; his old apartment. The day of his arrival he was welcomed by lots of love from the new tenants, who was really surprised to see George.  After petting him and making sure that he didn’t wonder off, the new tenants contacted George’s owner who was very happy to hear from them.  Now George is back safe in his new home and Amy doesn’t allow him outside anymore without a leash.  It’s not sure if George will ever try to make his amazing journey again. But his owner surely hopes he learns to love his new surroundings.

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