Meet Mighty Lou: The Amazing Special Needs Ambassador Cat


Mighty Lou is a famous cat in the Sunshine State and for a very good reason.  This amazing feline is the ambassador of “special needs and homeless cats”.  In fact, he is the spokescat for the Friends Like Me Program of the Cat Depot, a rescue and adoption center in Sarasota, Florida.  Mighty Lou cruises around Florida wearing his superhero cape to raise awareness and help the homeless felines with his owner Nancy Colby.

This ambassador cat is a special needs animal as well.  He is diabetic and because of that he has neuropathy in his back legs.  Mighty Lou is also deaf.  He is very proud that he is able to help other felines that are sick or injured. This adorable cat brings laughter and joy to the people he meets.  This very friendly kitty also loves to be the center of attention.  Recently, he has become a new media sensation.  He also has his own Facebook page and a blog located at the Cat Depot’s website. Before he became popular, Mighty Lou was a stray.  One day one of the Cat Depot volunteer spotted him in the busy streets of Sarasota.  The thin orange tabby was trying to avoid cars as he navigates a busy intersection and dragging his back legs at the same time.  The kindhearted volunteer plucked the feline out of the street and took him to Cat Depot.

At first the volunteer and the staff thought the cat was struck by a car but it wasn’t the case because he doesn’t have any pain on his hind legs.  After doing additional tests, the Cat Depot’s veterinarian team found out that the animal is suffering from diabetes.  The team also discovered that he is deaf. Following the vet team’s discoveries cat was put on a strict diet and an insulin regimen.  Lou, as the staff named him, tolerated the injections well.  Since regulating blood sugar isn’t an easy job to do, the center decided to put him on a foster home.

Nancy Colby happened to came by the center and she fell in love with him and took him home with her.  Colby taught Mighty Lou sign language and even took him to the acupuncturists and to his physical therapy sessions, which helped the cat to walk, run and jump. Despite of being a special needs cat it didn’t stop Mighty Lou from helping other needy felines.  He is a living proof that special needs animals can do great things too.

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