Meet Oliver: The Cat Who was Shot 25 Times and Survived

Oliver the cat

It seems that animal cruelty has become rampant these days.  It’s very unfortunate that some people just don’t care about the lives of other living creatures in this world.  The next story is about a cat who has been named Oliver.  This feline was shot 25 times and miraculously survived the injuries he sustained.

Oliver is a two-year-old gray and white domestic shorthair cat.  Apparently, a Waycross, Georgia resident used the feline as a target practice which is very wrong and inhumane.  The poor kitty was shot 25 times.  Yes, you read the numbers right!  The innocent and defenseless kitty was shot more than 20 times.

After being shot many times, the cat still managed to get around.  News4 of Jacksonville, Florida reported that the cat was found by Abbie Wheeler limping and dragging his left back leg.  Wheeler thought that the feline was just attacked by another animal but when Oliver was brought to First Coast No More Homeless Pets in Jacksonville they found out the real cause of his appalling injuries.

Dr. Alana Canupp reviewed the cat’s body X-ray and told Orlando Sentinel “He should not be alive.  He should be a dead cat.”  Dr. Canupp discovered that Oliver was shot with a combination of two guns, a BB gun and a high-powered gun, 25 times.  The vets did a surgery on the cat and amputated his left back leg.

Oliver the cat is recovering well after his surgery.  Even though the feline was treated bad, he is still a very affectionate and good-mannered cat.  In fact, he likes being petted and he is also getting along well with other cats and dogs at the shelter.

Oliver will remain in the care of First Coast No More Homeless Pets until the rescue group gets finish and decide who will adopt the feline.  Right now, the group is reviewing many applications from people who want to give Oliver a new home.  I hope this lovely and sweet cat will find a new and loving home soon.

If you want to know more about Oliver, head on over to the Facebook page of First Coast No More Homeless Pets.  You can also donate for the medical fund of the feline.

Image via Facebook

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