Meet Tiny the Cat: A Gift Sent From Up Above and Proof that Miracles Do Happen


This story proves that with just a tiny bit of faith, little miracles can happen, as Sher from Many, LA can attest. Sher’s mom was a big cat lover and always had a few running around in her home. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2008. Their family was close, especially her mother and the grandkids. Just months after she died, Sher’s son was riding a bicycle on their road when a car struck him. He was found facedown, bleeding from his head and unconscious. Sher was notified and her son was rushed to the hospital and from there he was airlifted to a trauma center 75 miles away. Before following him, Sher stopped by the house to change her clothes. There she found a six-week-old kitten sitting on the wheel of her car – she had no idea who the cat was or how it had gotten there! Her neighbor volunteered to watch the strange cat while Sher was away.

Sher’s son suffered a concussion, scratches, and bruises on his hand where the wheel ran over it. Thankfully he was able to come home two days later. Upon arriving home, their neighbor informed them they’d put the kitten inside the house and asked where they got her from. The son said, “Mom, I saw Grandma when I was out on the road. I didn’t know, of course – I was unconscious. She told me I’d be fine and she sent me a gift, just have a ‘Tiny Bit of Faith’ and that’s when I woke up to you guys.” Sher is convinced her ‘Tiny Bit of Faith’ was the Tiny the cat.

The son has since regained his strength and has grown attached to the cat, even having tamed her.  Tiny will be turning six years old this June.

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