Giant Men Meeting Tiny Kittens Is Even Cuter Than You’d Imagine It To Be

men and kittens

Everyone has something in their lives that they love. I love my husband, my kids and a nice glass of wine at the end of the day while the kids are finally sleeping and all is clean and quiet until morning – and not necessarily in that particular order every day. I also love being a Floridian. I love the blue skies, the beaches, weekends on the boat; sitting on my deck at the end of the day and taking in the colors of the sky as the sun sets over the ocean (no, I cannot see the ocean from my yard, but we are only about 10 minutes away). I also love travel, and coffee and shopping and shoes and giving back, and my friends and my family and taking my kids to the park and reading and writing.

I also love small kittens and men. I think it’s the size contrast. A big man so manly in all his ways with a small kitten in his hands; it’s something pretty spectacular. When my husband has a kitten in his hands, I want to bring it home (and I feel lucky I get to bring him home). The tinier the kitten, the hotter the man, right? That’s how it seems to work in our opinion. This is a video of nothing but men and kittens, so sit back and prepare yourself for the best Friday ever. You are so very welcome – and any time, ladies. Men; you, too, if you enjoy.

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