Mentor Firefighters Rescue Kitten from a Drain Pipe

Cat in drain pipe

Firefighters are often called to rescue cats from trees and on tops of buildings.  But the feline in this story has found its way somewhere no cat should ever go.  It all started when someone noticed that a cat had been trapped inside of a drain pipe, in the city of Mentor, Ohio.  The drain pipe, which was attached to a local independent living facility, was large enough for the kitten to wander inside.  The plastic pipe was full of dirty water and the kitten was in serious trouble.  When the firefighters arrived at the location, the kitten was 15 feet down the drain pipe.  This pipe was part of a storm drain system and had a downspout attached to the end.  Somehow the cat found its way down the pipe and got stuck.  The pipe which runs under concrete was not assessable to rescuers.

cat in drain pipe 2

The team dug up several sections of the pipe that ran along a patch of grass, in hopes to get closer to the kitten.  They used specialized equipment to locate the feline and to determine its condition.  But even with the equipment, this was going to be a difficult job. After digging up the pipe in various areas the team decided to try something different.  They were going to use the force of water to flush the little kitten out of the pipe.

Cat in drain pipe 3

With the residents all standing around watching the team work, everyone was on edge.  The fire fighters turned on the water and you could hear the kitten start to meow very loudly.  At first they turned on the water slowly, but it wasn’t working.  Then the rescuers upped the pressure and within a few seconds the kitten came sliding down the pipe.  A member of the team caught the kitten before it could run away and the animal was quickly placed in a towel.  The dramatic rescue had a happy ending and the kitten is safe and sound.  It was taken to the animal hospital, where it was checked out by a Vet.  Everyone was very happy that this little kitten was free from the pipe!

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