Meowseph Stalin Famous After Being Named for Ruthless Dictator


It’s rare that a cat will sport a mustache as pronounced as this one.  It’s even more rare that said cat will have a striking resemblance to Russian dictator Joseph Stalin.   However, 23 year-old owner Anne Sofie had no hesitation in naming her cat after the former Soviet Union leader.

“So I sat down and tried to find famous people with a similar mustache, and ended up with giving him the name Meowseph Stalin.”  Sofie got Stalin as a kitten in July last year after falling in love with his mustache. But on closer inspection, the student realized her kitten looked like former Russian dictator Joseph Stalin, and promptly gave him his name.

“I found Stalin at this Norwegian website in May 2013 when I was studying in Japan. I completely fell for his adorable face and mustache,” she said. “In the pictures I got from the owners at the time, he always had a really smug, distinguished face that charmed me to death.”

Despite the controversial name, Ms Sofie insists she has never meant any harm by parodying the infamous Soviet Union leader. The purpose behind her blogging, she said, was merely to make other cat-lovers laugh.

“We [Ms Sofie and her boyfriend] have had some comments from people saying we’re terrible people for giving him this name and making joke about it,” she said. “Of course we have never meant to insult anybody by naming our cat Stalin. We’re not exactly the first people to name their cat after a terrible dictator, and mean no harm with parodying Stalin. “We just try to brighten up people’s Instagram and Facebook feeds by making people laugh at our silly cat and his captions. “He’s a real character. He will run after us and attack our toes, as well as attacking our faces and hair when we bend over to stroke him.”

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