Is That A Micro Mini Tiger In That Basket? No Those Are Toyger Kittens!


Did you just see a tiger cub in your neighbor’s window?  Unless your neighbor has a zoo in their home what you probably saw was a Toyger.  Toyger’s may look like baby tigers but they are actually a breed of domestic shorthair.  These wild looking cats were produced by crossing a Bengal cat with a striped domestic shorthair.  These two crosses is what gives the Toyger its tiger like color.  Becoming a new breed in 2000, these cats are recognized by the International Cat Association. If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing Toyger Kittens when they are first born, you will understand just how special these animals are.  Cute little balls of strips, Toyger Kittens look like micro mini tigers and it’s a pleasure to watch them grow into adults.  The availability of Toyger Kittens may be limited in many areas of the country because they are a family of new breed. But everyday new breeders are popping up.  So if you want one of these beautiful animals you may have to look around to find one.

So Are These Cats As Wild As They Look?  Will They Be Waiting To Attack You?

Unlike the tiger that is a wild animal, the Toyger is a very calm and docile animal.  So you will never have to worry about these cats stalking you like prey.  But they are very playful and you will enjoy watching them run around the house.  But to make sure your Toyger will have a good temperament it’s a good idea to find a breeder that raises their cats in the home instead of a kennel.  This will ensure that your Toyger Kittens are properly socialized.

So What Health Issues Should I Look Out For When It Comes To the Toyger?

The Toyger will often live up to 15 years or more but sometimes they run into health issues.  Just like any purebred animal these cats can inherit certain problems.  One of the problems that can show up in the Toyger is heart murmurs and other heart related issues.  This is why it’s a good idea to have your Toyger Kitten checked by a veterinarian at a young age.  Also, yearly check-ups are always recommended.  When choosing a breeder, make sure to ask if there have been any health issue with either parent animal and make sure to get a health guarantee in writing.

If you are looking for an exotic looking cat that will amaze everyone that it comes into contact with, the Toyger is for you.  A beautiful and healthy breed, the Toyger will make a great pet for any family.  Docile yet playful, these cats will add joy and companionship to any household.

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