Miracle Cat Big Singe Rescued From Under Car Hood and Needs a Place to Live


Big Singe is very lucky to be alive: the Persian cat was transported under the hood of a car in South Carolina, according to Facebook: PETS Inc. The female feline got her name after being abandoned in the parking lot of PETS Inc, South Carolina’s humane society, on Sunday. She was apparently so frightened, she ended up seeking solace by hiding under the hood of a car.

Two students from the University of South Carolina, who had been volunteering at the humane society for the day, discovered Big Singe after smelling the odor of burning cat hair when they got back on campus. It is believed that the cat had been abandoned by her former owner.

While it was her fur that sustained most of the damage, because of that extra layer of hair, Big Singe was left relatively unharmed. She will be losing much of her fur thanks to getting it singed by the car, but she should be fine physically. Her mental state, however, is another story and will leave her to be a bit insecure for a while – poor kitty!

The miracle cat Big Singe has been tested for FIV/FeLV and has been found negative for both. The PETS Inc.-Carolina’s Humane Society is currently looking for a loving home for this precious, lucky cat.

If you or someone you know can offer Big Singe a place to live, please contact them at 803-739-9333  or e-mail [email protected]. Donations toward the cat’s care can also be made online HERE.

Image via Facebook


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