“Miracle” Cat Dies after Being Frozen to the Ground


There is some sad news that has to be reported today about the cat known as “Miracle” who was found frozen to the ground in the state of Ohio.  Sadly, the orange tabby cat didn’t pull through after rescuers tried very hard to save this beautiful feline.

While things were looking up for the cat whose name was Nicky, his injuries were too much for the poor animal and he has now passed on.  Rescuers are very saddened by this announcement and the whole world was pulling for this precious cat to pull through.

If you are not familiar with this animal’s story it all started a week ago when an Ohio woman found the cat completely frozen to the ground.  She quickly brought the cat to a local animal hospital, where the staff worked hard to bring the cat back to life.

When the animal arrived at the hospital it was frozen stiff and they were amazed that he was still alive after spending 17 days out in the bitter cold.  While this 10 year old cat was clinging on to life, rescuers were able to get the animal warmed up.  But his paws were badly frostbitten and he had bandages all over them.

After spending a few days in the hospital, the cat passed away with its owners present.  Nicky had ran away from home and the owners were frantically looking for their beloved pet when they were called to come to the animal hospital.  They were very thankful that the staff tried very hard to save Nicky and was glad that they got to be with him when he passed away.  They are also very thankful to the woman who found their cat and brought him to the facility.

While this is very sad news, it does help to show just how dangerous the winter time weather can be for our pets.  So make sure to keep a close eye on your companion this winter and make sure to bring them indoors when the temperature is falling outside.  Just like humans, the cold can really take a toll on your pet’s body.

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