Missing 18-Year-Old Cat Found Under Snow-Covered Deck after 2 Months


On the night of January 31, 2015, an 18-year-old cat named Bubba went out for a pee break and never come back.  The feline lives in St. Felix, Prince Edward Island in Canada with her owners Lucina Costain and Howard Hogan.  After Bubba failed to come back on that January night, her owners went to search for her but unfortunately she was nowhere to be found and didn’t return home either.  So the couple thought that she must have been killed by a wild animal like a coyote or maybe she just run off.

Howard recalls hearing a meow from time to time.  Then one day he decided to investigate more and dig through a mountain of snow.  He was stunned when he saw a familiar cat paw waving through.  Bubba the cat has been trapped and living under a deck that was covered with snow.

“I thought I heard something and, sure enough, her paw stuck out and she meowed, and well, I near fainted.  Lucina was looking out the window, and I told her, I yelled, ‘The cat is alive!’ And she come out running, “says Howard.

“He hollered to me. He said, ‘She’s here’, Lucina said.  “You could just barely see her,” she added.

During her disappearance, Howard and Lucina had both shoveled around and toward the spot where Bubba was found.  The day after she vanished, Lucinda searched under the deck for her, and Howard shoveled around it many times hoping to find her.

Bubba the cat was noted to have been wobbly as she walked behind her petparents inside the house, and headed straight to her food dish.

At first, the couple gave her some warm milk and small portions of food as they were following the vet’s advice.  Bubba is now doing well and eating normally, putting some pounds on and regaining her strength.  In fact, within on a few days, Bubba was able to jump on to her favorite chair again.

Bubba was a chubby cat when she vanished.  Her owners believed that the extra pounds she had helped her survive.  They also think that she stayed alive by eating mice and grass that were under the deck, and drank water from the melted snow.

Glad to know that Bubba is back with her old self again.  I can’t imagine how hard it was for her to survive such an ordeal.  She’s got the strong will to live because she didn’t stop meowing for help and she even stuck her paw in the hole.  I sure hope that she will only do her nighttime pee break indoors.

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