Missing Cat is Found 3 Months After a Deadly House Fire


A cat is reunited with his pet mom 3 months after a deadly house fire.  Christina Summitt lost three of her 4 pets (2 dogs and 2 cats) when their home in Harmony Township, New Jersey caught on fire last March.  The lifeless bodies of her 2 dogs and one cat were recovered but her second cat was nowhere to be found.  The missing orange cat was Captain.  Christina suffered from depression after losing her pets.  Every day she goes to her burned out former home to look for her missing feline.  During her interview with WFMZ Channel 69 News she said that she needed to know where Captain was.  “I didn’t want to find him dead, but then at least I could give him his respectful burial that my other three pets got,” she added.

Three months had passed and still there was no trace of Captain.  But Christina didn’t give up hope that one day she will find her beloved cat somewhere around the property.  In her heart, she knew that her cat is alive.  On the first week of this month, someone notified the grieving pet mom that they had spotted an orange cat in the property but they’re not sure it if is Captain.  Despite of the witnesses uncertainty of the feline’s identity, Christina went on to set a trap.  After six hours, Captain showed up.  The second she saw the cat, she knew right away that it was her Captain.  She looked at the feline and called him “Cappy” and the cat responded with a meow.  Captain was taken to the vet immediately where he was checked and a microchip scan confirmed that it’s indeed Christina’s missing cat.

Captain miraculously survived the fatal fire with minor injuries.  The feline lost a lot of weight, lost one ear and one is burnt, his paws and nails are also injured.  Christina is very happy to have her cat back and even considers it a miracle.  “It’s my one miracle.  I don’t know if you get more than one.  I’m not being greedy, I don’t need anymore. But I’m definitely beyond grateful to God for this miracle,” she said happily.

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