Missing Cat Found in Owners’ Donated Couch 5 Days Later


One of the worst things a pet owner can go through is having their pet go missing — Pauline and Bill Lowe know the feeling all too well. The 66-year-old Corringham, Essex, UK residents were consumed with worry last week after their 10-year-old cat Crockett went missing. Their beloved feline was not one to stray away and the Lowes just couldn’t fathom the thought of where he ultimately may be. Five days later they got their answer when they received a call from St. Luke’s Hospice charity shop, a good 20 miles away!

The couple had donated an old sofa couch to the shop and, without anyone noticing, Crockett had tucked himself away inside of the couch cushions and remained hidden when they carted it off. The couch was sold and after bringing it home, the new owners heard soft meows coming from inside it. Upon inspecting it, they saw two little claws poking out from the bottom, which retracted. Removing a portion of the sofa cushion, they found a very scared, hungry and thirsty Crockett.

After the new couch owners fed the cat, they immediately called St. Luke’s to inform them of an extra something they got with their purchase. The shop called the Lowes and the missing cat was able to reunite with his worried family.

“We noticed Crockett was missing straight away but could not think where he might have gone,” said Mrs. Lowe. “He doesn’t go anywhere so I was really worried… He is a lovely cat and we were devastated when he went missing – our other cat Tubbs was missing him too.”

“We can’t believe how he must have tucked himself into the inside of the sofa during the short time the bottom had been removed and remained silent for so long.”

Believe us, we can’t either!

Image via Caters


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