Missing Cat Garfield is Reunited with Owner after Being Lost for 7 Years


Every year thousands of pets, cats and dogs in particular go missing. Most of these missing animals end up dying due to starvation, getting run over by vehicles and other factors like the harsh weather. Being apart with your beloved pet is something that any pet owners don’t want to experience. I can’t imagine the pain that a pet owner has to go through especially if their furry friend has been missing for a while. The next story is about a cat that went missing for seven years.

In 2008, a cat named Garfield vanished without a trace after strolling from his home in Bridgend, South Wales, UK. Apparently, the feline’s CAT-nav malfunctioned and led him to a different home in the same area. A family took him in thinking that he was a stray cat before turning him in to the Cats Protection Bridgend Adoption Centre. The shelter staff discovered that Garfield had a microchip and they successfully tracked down Julie Calder, the cat’s original owner.

Last Tuesday, Ms. Calder went to the centre and got Garfield. Their reunion was very emotional. Ms. Calder said, “I am over the moon to have Garfield back home after seven years. I never stopped thinking about him and wandering where he was. He is going to be very spoiled now.”

According to a centre staff, Garfield was very grumpy while he was at the Cats Protection Centre, but as soon as he saw Ms. Calder he calmed himself down. In fact, only Ms. Calder was able to pick up the cat which is something that the staff hasn’t been able to do. Garfield licked his owner’s face which is something that he used to do before he went missing.

I bet both Garfield and Ms. Calders are very glad to be reunited after seven long years. They sure have a great start of the new year 2015. I am glad that Garfield’s story ended well. Microchip played a big role in reuniting the two. Microchipping cats is very important because we never know when our cat might get lost. So don’t forget to ask your vet and local shelter about microchipping your furry friends.

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