Missing Cat Reunited with Family After Being Seen on Television


A missing cat was reunited with its family by a unique method.  While watching TV one day, the staff of a Vet’s office was paying close attention to a news story.  During the story on overcrowding at a local animal shelter, several of the cat’s pictures were displayed.  Having a watchful eye, one of the staff noticed one of the cats looked really familiar.  After having seen the cat that appeared on TV, a few shorts days before, they contacted the owners to see if they were missing their pet.  Surely enough the owners had reported their beloved feline missing.  The staff were glad to help find the feline and they too were thankful they were watching the news at the right time.

This was great news for the family and the missing cat.  The owners quickly contacted the shelter, to let them know that they had their pet, whose name is Thor.  Thor was very lucky to be found and his family is really glad to have him back.  The over crowded shelter would not have been able to keep Thor very long and if his owners had not been found, surely he would have been put down.  But now Thor is back were he belongs and his family is giving him lots of love and attention.  Hopefully this will be the last time Thor goes missing. The family also adopted another cat while at the shelter, which helps reduce the overcrowding.

While this story had a happy ending, sadly thousands of cats each year are never returned to their owners.  Many cats who are not micro-chipped and have no collar with information on it, are never returned.  If you own a cat and you want to protect them from loosing their lives, please have them micro-chipped.  When animals end up in the shelter, they are almost always tested to see it they have a micro-chip.  This is a quick way to find the owners and will help prevent senseless death.  Also you want to make sure the information that the micro-chip contains is accurate and up to date.  It is better to be safe than sorry.

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