Missing Cat in the UK is Now Home after Being Found in a Telephone Box


A cat named Alfie went missing for ten weeks and is now home after being rescued inside a telephone box.  Yes, you read right.  The feline was found inside a telephone box in Canada Water in Southeast London, UK.  Fortunately, a kind stranger spotted him and helped him out and took him to Battersea Cats and Dogs Home—South London Centre.

At the rescue centre, the staff found out that the cat was microchipped.  The information found in Alfie’s microchip was used by the staff to get him back to his owner.

The feline was found in Forest Hill, which is five miles away from his home and nobody knows how he got that far.  Alfie was very lucky that he didn’t get hurt after wandering that far and also his owner, Luke Price, has had him microchipped because it really helped him reuniting them easy.

On the other hand, Luke Price was also very glad to have Alfie back.  He was very happy to receive that unexpected call from the shelter.  “We couldn’t believe it when we got a call to say Battersea had Alfie. He was missing for ten weeks and we desperately tried to find him. We couldn’t be happier to have him back in our life and hope he stays a bit closer to home this time! We thank everyone at Battersea for looking after him and contacting us – it was such a relief. I’m so glad we had him microchipped, we might never have seen him again if we hadn’t”, Price said.

The Head of Cattery at Battersea, Lindsey Quinlan, also credited the microchip for its big role in getting Price and Alfie together again.  Unfortunately, not a lot of pet owners have their furry friends’ microchipped yet.  According to Quinlan, only 15 percent of the pets in the United Kingdom are microchipped.

The story of Alfie is another example of how important microchipping our pet is.  The microchip contains very helpful information about the pet and its owner.  Microchipping helps a lot especially in cases of lost and missing pets because it enables the shelter staff to locate its owner and reunite them.

 Image via battersea.org

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