Missing Icelandic Cat Reunited With His Owner After 7 Years


Since going missing over seven years ago, a Reykjavik, Iceland cat named Örvar is finally reunited with his owner Birkir Fjalar Viðarsson after turning up at a cat shelter in February. Distraught owner Birkir blamed himself for his cat’s disappearance when he introduced a new puppy into his home in 2007.  After the feline went missing, he explained that he “really mourned [the] cat” and often “wondered what would have happened had [he] not gotten the puppy.” Heartbroken, he continued searching for his kitty for years and kept in touch with Kattholt, Reykjavík’s cat shelter, in hopes of finding Örvar.

In a stroke of luck, the shelter got a cat and when they ran its chip, it turned out to be the one and only Örvar! At first the Kattholt shelter tried to contact Birkir by phone, but his contact information changed through the years. They finally got a hold of him a few weeks later via email and were able to tell him the good news!

Birkir said: “At first I really couldn’t believe it. I did not know what to expect. So I prepared for the worst; maybe he had lost an eye or an ear. Maybe he would have to be humanely put out of his misery. When I arrived, I was told that Örvar was shy and kept to himself in the corner. But when I called out his name he came running, climbed on top of me and wrapped his body around me. It was as if we had never been apart. It was lovely. The ladies at Kattholt told me that they had never seen the cat behave that way. One of them was even moved to tears.”

The cat reunited with his owner after all that time – it was practically a miracle! Birkir has said: “I think the universe decided to reunite us for the final chapter of his life so that he can enjoy his golden years in a dignified manner.”

Image via Iceland Review


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