Mommy House Cat Takes on Unlikely Kittens

Bobcat kittens

We all know that the cat family has a lot of species.  But when I think about a domesticated cat and a bobcat, the two are somewhat similar and yet very different from each other.  For one thing, bobcats are wild animals.  Today I am going to share an amazing story about a mommy house cat who took care of bobcat kittens like they were hers.

A hunter from Alabama brought three bobcat kittens to an animal clinic with a very unusual request.  He asked the veterinary assistant to take care of the kittens so he could later give them to his children as pets.  The veterinary assistant was taken by surprised with the odd request but she quickly calmed herself and concentrated on getting the poor bobcat kittens the help they needed.  She searched the internet for groups that can help the kittens and her efforts paid off, when she found Big Cat Rescue, an organization dedicated to big and wild felines, and contacted them about the kittens.

Big Cat Rescue took on the bobcat kitten’s case and started looking for a domestic cat that will take them.  Luckily, with the help of the organization’s partner, they found a house cat named Bobbi who warmly accepted the bobcat kittens.  As you can see in the video, the mommy house cat immediately licked the bobcat kittens’ just seconds after they were introduced to each other, which means a warm welcome.  It’s a wonderful scene to watch.

The bobcat kittens sure felt the compassion that the mommy cat has for them.  As soon as they learned about their adoptive mom’s milk, the three bobcat kittens accepted the domestic mom cat, Bobbi, to be their new mother.  In the video you will also see how the bobcat kittens and Bobbi’s kittens play with each other.  These two different species of cats sure have a very unique and amazing bond.

I am so glad that the innocent bobcat kittens got the help that they needed.  Thanks to the veterinary assistant, who looked for a way to save the kittens, and to the Big Cat Rescue and its partner for giving these lovely bobcat kittens a second chance in life.

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