More Internet Cat Video Festivals Sprouting Up Around the Country


In yet another case of internet cat video madness, a new show will be appearing in Michigan. Each year the annual ArtPrize competition takes place in Grand Rapids Michigan. But this year they are adding a cat video component to the festival.

The video festival takes place on Sept 27th and the internet videos will be part of a free showing. The organizers of the festival are taking submissions and there will be a people’s choice award for the winning video. The fifth edition of ArtPrize takes place Sept. 18 to Oct. 6. The competition has $560,000 at stake, including a $200,000 first prize.

Michigan is yet another example of a state that’s embracing the cat video craze. Earlier this year Grumpy Cat released a book which will now be turning into a movie. Is this only the beginning for the crazy surge that is cat videos? Who knows what’s next?

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