Morris the Cat Gets Thousands of Votes in Mexico Election


No, this isn’t the old Morris the cat you’re all familiar with from the 80s. This Morris made big headlines because he was on the ballot to run for mayor in the town of Xalapa, Mexico. The idea to put Morris up for election was concocted a couple of months ago by two university graduates who couldn’t identify with any of the mayoral candidates.

Facebook was the target for this new campaign and people said the new mayor cat would rid the city of the corrupt political “rats.” The campaign without a doubt created controversy as some parties say it took away votes from some key people and split the opposition in Xalapa.

Morris received a whopping 12,000 votes earning him 4th place out of 11 candidates. Had he actually won the race in voting he wouldn’t have been eligible to be mayor anyway. Still though, the campaign was a big statement.

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