Move On Folks, Nothing to See Here: Just a Cat Standing Like a Human

Cat stands like a human

This cat from Russia seems to have a very special talent that other cats simply can’t do.  In this bizarre video, you will find an orange tabby cat doing something that is human like and is not normal behavior for a feline.  While the video clip is short, you get to see this amazing animal standing like a human and is very shocking. Watching this cat stand on his hind legs is truly an amazing experience.  The kitty cat is looking out of window and is standing straight, with very good posture.  How this cat learned how to act like a human is not known, but when you see him standing you will be blow away.

The feline is looking very hard out of a window at something outside.  Maybe he is looking for his owner who has left the house.  There might be another cat outside or could it be a dog that is roaming around?  We will never know the answer to that question, but it is fun to watch this cat perform this very different human like trick. This cat is a fairly large animal and he almost looks like an orange bear when his stands on his back legs.  Maybe his owner has trained him how to do this, so that he could perform for the video.  If the cat was trained, the owner must have started when the animal was very young.  This cat stands as if he has been doing it for many years.

The feline has a very short tail and it’s amazing how he can still use it to help with his balance.  Seeing how short it is, you would think that standing on his hind legs would not be possible.  But somehow this cat seems to be a professional at standing like a human.

This is a very unique video and when you see the cat standing for the first time, you too will be amazed.  So why not check out the video below for yourself.  If you have a cat lover in the family, make sure to share it with them as well.

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