You Need to See “Tacocat:” An Animated Video about a Cat Who’s Name Spells Tacocat Both Ways

taco cat

When it comes to funny and strange the video below has a little of both.  This strangely funny animated video comes to us from singer-songwriter Parry Gripp.  This neat clip depicts a taco cat that spells its name both forwards and backwards.

During the video, you will see a black kitty dressed up as a taco.  This very yummy feline seems to be very happy about the idea but then again he is a cartoon, and most of them are always happy. As the video progresses, a very loud but funny song plays in the back ground and spells out the name of this cat and food combo.  I wonder how he came up with the lyrics to this very catchy track?

While it’s not clear what Parry’s motivation was when making this unique video, it’s safe to say many people are loving it.  In fact, it already has 70,000 views on YouTube and that number is sure to rise over the following days. You just might see this video go viral and if you do, I am sure there will be tons of press surrounding it.

If you watch it more than once, the song will probably get stuck in your head so be warned you might be singing it today at lunch if you are reading this in the morning.  While writing this article, the song is currently playing in loop in my brain.

Some of you might find the song a bit on the annoying side because it is so repetitive. But those who are serious cat lovers will find the video very cute and kind of amazing.  I personally loved the video and would recommend it to anyone who wants a quick laugh.

This song and video might also make you want to get up and dance along. So make sure you are in a safe place before viewing this clip.  You wouldn’t want your co-workers to look at you funny, so you might want to wait until you get home to press the play button.

So when you are in a safe place don’t forget to check out this very different video.

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