Neighborhood Looks for Answers About a Cat Burned to Death

burned cat

The things that people will do these days is just beyond us. We have no idea what it is that people are thinking, what is going through their minds and what is happening to make people think it’s all right to mistreat animals. What happened to a cat in New Britain is so bad that I almost wish I was simply talking about a case of abuse in terms of neglect, a lack of food or just plain meanness that people have. I’m not, though; I’m talking about something so awful that it’s difficult to even describe. It’s difficult enough to hear of people who abuse animals by leaving them alone and not feeding them or caring for them. This is so much worse.

When residents of a small neighborhood noticed that the local stray cat that so many of the people in the neighborhood care for by feeding and offering shelter when the weather is bad was in the middle of the road burned to death, they began looking for answers. Neighbors began to canvass the neighborhood looking for anything that someone might have seen, furious that someone would kill this beloved cat in such a horrible manner. So far no answers have been found, but the neighborhood is now on edge following this horrible incident. Who would do this to a cat that was likely just minding its own business? Setting a cat on fire in the middle of the street will result in criminal punishment if the responsible party is located.

Photo by Local News   

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