New Mexico ‘Cat Library’ Allows Office Workers to Check Out Kittens

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If you have ever worked in an office building, then you probably know just how boring the days can be.   The Doña Ana County Office in Las Cruces, New Mexico came up with a solution for this problem when they noticed how bored their workers looked.  A very unique program was started, in order to help turn boring days into fun ones.  A small library was installed in the lobby of the building, but it didn’t contain any books.  Instead, this library has quite a few adorable kittens for people to check out.

Workers are allowed to come to the cat library and check out an adorable kitten and take it back to their office.  This neat idea helps reduce stress during the day and gives the workers something to look forward too.  While it does cut down on productivity some, it makes up for it when the workers are happy and relaxed.  As you will see in the video, one worker checks out two kittens and brings them back to her office.  She seems really relaxed and she admits that it really helps reduce her stress level, making her more focused on her job.

But this program wasn’t just started for the workers.  It also was designed to benefit these shelter kittens.  The county figured that if people were going to be spending some time with these kittens, they just might form a bound with them and take them home.  That’s right workers are allowed to adopt these kittens and give them a loving forever home.  To date there have been at least 100 kittens adopted out and that number will surely rise.  This really helps reduce the population at the local county shelter and it gives hope to many cats that would otherwise be stuck in a shelter environment. This type of program should be used in every county building.  Just imagine if all across the nation local governments would install a similar program, there would be tons of happy workers and happy felines.  For more information on this story, please check out the video that is located below this article.

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