New Mexico Cat Reunited with Family 3 Years Later


Matthew Moorehead never knew that he’d lose his cat Max.  He certainly didn’t know that Max would be gone for three years.  It was a meeting that was a natural fit.  Moorehead met Max one day on his way to work.   The cat appeared to bite his boot and looked like he might have had frost bite.   Moorehead recalls taking the cat in and welcoming him to his family.

Three years ago the Moorehead’s took Max in and three years ago Max walked right out.  The Moorehead’s put up flyers.  They called friends and family.   They called all the local shelters but to no avail.  That is until this week they got a call from Animal Humane in New Mexico.   Max was brought in as an owner surrender.

As it turns out, Max made a new home with an older couple and the couple surrendered him this past week. Staff at Animal Humane quickly realized Max had a microchip implant with a current phone number for the Mooreheads. “If we had not ever had him microchipped, I’m sure I wouldn’t be seeing him again,” Moorehead said.

Staff at the Humane said that reunions where cats have been gone this long are extremely rare. This is why microchipping is essential. We couldn’t be happier for Max and the Mooreheads.  Story via

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