New Smartphone Apps Allow Cats to Take Pictures of Themselves


The concept of cats reigning in on the internet isn’t a new one.   From celebrity cats like “Grumpy Cat” to cat memes and cat photobombs the popularity of cats is no surprise and it’s certainly not slowing down.   Recently a new generation of cat technology is hitting the market and in it’s in the form of picture taking.

An app called Snapcat was the first to be invented in what appears to be a number of new apps that allow cats to take pictures of themselves.  Here’s how it works. When the phone is placed on the ground, the screen shows virtual bouncing lasers or moving dots designed so that the cat will chase them. When the cat paws at the screen trying to catch the dot, the hit acts as a shutter press and the phone takes the cat’s photo.

So basically what the camera does is generate what we now call “selfies” or pictures taken from a 1st person perspective. What will we come up with next????

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