New York’s Bravest Firehouse Cats Take Over Instagram!


Firehouse cats in New York are taking over Instagram.  Two popular FDNY cats are Boogie of Midtown and Carlow of Yorkville Manhattan.  These firehouse felines are continuously gaining attention on the social network Instagram.  As a matter of fact, they have thousands of followers; Boogie has more than 11,000 followers while Carlow has 16,900 plus followers.  Both Boogie and Carlow are adorable cats.  You can find their adorable pictures on their Instagram page.

According to, the third brigade firehouse in Manhattan recently got a cat, but they refused to give his name unless they get approval from the FDNY. Frank Dwyer, the spokesman of FDNY, told in an email that’ he didn’t know what a rescue cat is’ and he also refused an interview regarding the topic.

On his Instagram page, a video of Carlow listening to radio calls was posted.  Carlow was named after a bar that the firemen go frequently.  As for Boogie his profile says that he is in control of his turf on 31st street with his cats in E1/L24 and he also keeps mouse out of his firehouse.  It seems like these two cute kitties know their responsibilities well.

Firehouse cat

Back in April 2012, Carlow was just 5-month-old then when he went missing from the firehouse.  His disappearance led to a search and rescue operation by the firemen.

After two days of searching, the cute orange and white striped tabby was returned to Engine 22 Ladder 13 by the woman who found the feline.  The woman took Carlow home but when she saw a poster of the cat that was posted around their neighborhood by the firemen and volunteers, she immediately went to the firehouse and gave the kitty back to them.

Carlow was rescued by the firemen when he was just a kitten.  He was found stuck in a tire rim, dirty, scared and hungry.  Then he was taken to Petco to get cleaned and taken care of.  After that they took Carlow and made him their firehouse cat.

Cats are adorable and loving creatures.  They are very smart as well.  I think the presence of these cats at their respective firehouse helps the firemen to relax after a long and hard day of working.

Images via Instagram

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