Newborn Kitten Crawling on Roadside is Saved

baby kitten found alive

A woman named Kathryn was driving along one day when she spotted something very small crawling along the road. She immediately stopped her car to make sure that whatever it was didn’t get hit, and that’s when she realized that the thing she spotted was the tiniest kitten she’d ever noticed. It was less than a day old, and it was crawling along the side of the road all by itself. She knew it was young because the darling kitten still had its umbilical cord attached, but there was no momma cat in sight.

Heartbroken for the little kitten, she immediately picked him up and began checking with all the homes nearby to see if their cats had kittens and one was missing. No one knew anything about a cat with kittens, and no one could help. That’s when she made the decision to keep this little kitten for herself and raise it as her own. She and her husband stay up all night taking turns nursing the kitten with a medicine dropper every two hours so it eats. They bathed it, cuddle it and love it as much as they can, and they spend the vast majority of their time making sure this darling kitten will survive.

day old kitten

It is now their baby, and they state that having this kitten in the house is actually a lot like having a real baby since they are up every single night to feed it often so that it doesn’t die of starvation. Without its momma around, someone has to take on the job of feeding this baby cat until she is old enough to feed herself, and they have taken on that job themselves. It’s a miracle that this kitten was not run over or hit, and it’s an even bigger miracle that someone who found her was willing to give her a happy home.

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