Nine Cats Work in the World’s Cutest Office

cats working

Many people flock to cat cafés to play and enjoy the cute felines they have. Most animal lovers agree that these cafés offer enjoyment as well as pet therapy to people who sad and stressed out. But one company in Japan allowed cats to be present at the office so that employees won’t need to visit a cat café anymore. The presence of the cats at their office made the headlines around the world as more people find the company’s policy unique and cool.

Ferray Corporation found out that hiring nine felines to work for their company is one of the best tools to motivate its employees. This internet solutions firm actually allows the adorable kitties to roam around freely in the office.

Once the felines started working at the office, a dramatic decrease in the stress level of the employees was seen. In addition, the employees became more productive than ever. The company’s staff can play and cuddle with their lovely feline co-workers anytime, which helps boost their mood and motivate them to work better.

But there’s a downside to having cats work in the office. As we all know, felines don’t follow human rules that well. They do mischievous things like chewing the cables, scratching the walls, pull out plugs and sometimes even sleep inside visitor’s purse or bag. Despite of the cats’ cheekiness, the staff doesn’t mind the little crimes that they do. I’m certain the kitties cuteness has something to do with it.

The owner of Ferray Corporation must have love cats because the firm pays its employees to pay with the felines, which is really cool and better than going to a cat café. Employees also get a 5,000 Yen “cat bonus” every month if they take a needy cat home.  If an employee’s pet cat dies, he or she will receive time off and pet bereavement, just like when a human family passes.

The employees of this corporation are some of the lucky people in the world because they get free cat therapy at work. Plus, they get extra bonuses if they adopt a cat from a shelter.

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