No One Wanted Giselle, a Blind Cat Covered in Urine

Stumpy Cat

Social media is one of the most important technological advancements of the past decade. It is invaluable for connecting individuals across large distances, allowing people from different countries and cultures to come together online. However, it can also be used to benefit other living beings.

Animals with special needs can have a very difficult time finding a home. Adopting a pet is a large responsibility on its own, but having specific medications and treatments to follow can be an added challenge that many would rather not deal with. This means that the number of homes for animals with special needs in a given area is limited.

Giselle the Unwanted Cat

Social media can connect people willing to adopt disabled animals from different areas. One example is the case of Giselle, a munchkin cat with many health issues. She is blind, has breathing difficulties because of her small rib cage, and has had lung infections. When she was dropped off at a shelter, covered in feces and urine, it looked like she may never find a home.

However, Alyssa Krieger, manager of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ adoption division, saw only a playful cat who needed a loving family. She started an Instagram account for Giselle, and received a staggering 3000 responses from all across the world. Her only issue now is sorting through the applications to find the best home possible.

Looking Ahead

Many people who decide not to adopt an animal with special needs are making the right decision. It is a heavy responsibility that requires time, patience, and compassion. For this reason, there are fewer homes available to animals like Giselle. The use of social media can spread awareness of these animals to a wider demographic, connecting families and future pets. Hopefully, all animals with special needs will be connected to caring and compassionate families, just like Giselle.

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